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Why we need a vacation!

Face it, we have all been living in a weird time for about a year now. Who would have thought we would be working from home, and our kids would be doing virtual learning, and we would be encouraged to wear a mask into a bank. When Covid 19 entered our world it definitely changed our lives. Meetings became a video, visiting families and holidays together became a risk, and pajamas and loungewear became work attire for some and everything we were used to doing became a memory.

When the world looks different it can change us. The graduates of 2020 experienced this in a way that we can never make up to them. Remember when it was your senior year and you looked forward to prom, spring sports, and of course graduation. They missed out on that and graduation trips. I personally look forward in summer of 2022 of being one last vacation before she goes to college.

For some of us we got to hide from the world and climb into a shell, for others like me we had to find a new way to socialize with people and others just kept on doing the same thing just in a new way. Some people got depressed, some gained or lost weight, we became angry, scared, political, and even grateful. Yes, grateful. The everyday workers like healthcare, public safety, grocery and restaurant, truckers, teachers, and so many more. I am thankful for all these people. I learned compassion, compassion for others opinions and compassion for our government officials that can never make anyone happy.

What I really learned though that is I NEED A VACATION! I love to travel and have missed this time out traveling with my friends and family. We missed 4 trips in the last year and I felt I was being really mature about it until Christmas when I realized I should've been in the Caribbean. We need to be out and about, we need a break from our homes, and we need time to feel the freedom that a great vacation provides. We are still waiting on cruises to resume but in the meantime take or book a trip. It will provide excitement that we need after Covid. Reach out to us or your travel agent. We are still here and understand.

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