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Sunset and Palm Trees

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Unlimited Travel Consultants


Brenda Beach

Brenda is an Owner of Unlimited Travel Consultants. She loves to travel and especially loves all-inclusive resorts. Brenda's number one priority is her customers. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy and that their vacation becomes a dream come true. Contact her today for your next vacation.

Sherrita Smikle

With a focus on clients' needs, Owner Sherrita Smikle has been helping clients plan everything from honeymoons to business trips for the past five years, all at the best possible price. Her secret lies in her love of traveling, which is a driving force behind her career choice, and she thoroughly understands all the nuances of getting the best deals on vacation packages. She helps clients navigate everything from booking hotels and transportation to ensuring they get the most mileage out of their credit cards, including rewards points and bonus discounts. Her reachability and friendliness have made her extremely popular within the community. She continues to make travel dreams come true through stellar service and outstanding planning.


Unlimited Travel Consultants LLC

1829 E. Spring Street Ste 103

New Albany, IN 47150





Hours: In office Appointments required

Monday-Friday 9:00 am- 6:00 PM

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